In Hospital Stays

If your pet is staying in our hospital for boarding, grooming, surgery or a drop-off appointment, our hospital requires that your pet be current on certain vaccinations/tests.

To insure the safety of both your loved one as well as other pets who may be visiting our hospital we require the following vaccinations/tests be current for your pet:


  • Bordetella
  • DAPP
  • Rabies


  • FVRC
  • Rabies

Proof of these tests or vaccinations is required at the time your pet is dropped off for his/her visit to our hospital.

We do accept titer results if they have been run within the last 12 months of the date of your pet’s visit.

New Client/Patient Forms

If you are new to our practice, welcome! Please see the list of available forms that we will need filled out for your first visit to our hospital.

If you are a new client to our hospital we have provided our forms online for your convenience to download and pre-fill prior to your arrival for your visit. If you are unable to download these forms they will be available to you upon check in with your pet.

The following are our list of required forms for new clients with new pets:

New Client Welcome Form– This is a form available for filling out online. You may find it easier to fill out this information at home prior to your arrival at our hospital.

Please note: It is important with any new patient, that any previous medical information, vaccinations, testing, prescription information and general medical notes be brought or faxed to our hospital, preferably before the time of your pet’s first appointment. You may contact your previous veterinarian and request that this information be faxed to our office at (512) 219-7779.

Please see section on hospital requirements for in-hospital stay.

Surgery/Anesthesia Form

Please see notes for form requirements for all animals under going any type of surgery or anesthetic protocol.

If you are dropping off your pet for a surgical or sedative procedure, please feel free to access our on-line pdf files for downloading and printing the forms necessary for the release of your pet into our care. If you are not able to access these forms prior to your arrival, they will be provided to you at the time of check in.

Day Admission Form

If your pet is under going anesthesia for a dental procedure, please also fill out the following:

Dental Consent Form

Please remember to review the section on our hospital’s vaccine/test requirements for all pets staying in our facility.

Boarding Form

Form and information requirements for all pets scheduled to board in our facility.

If your pet is scheduled to visit our hospital for boarding please find available online a PDF form that can be downloaded and filled out prior to your pet’s arrival at our facility. If you are unable to access this form online we will have it available to you at check in.

Please review the section on our hospital’s vaccine requirements for all pets staying in our facility. This information, if not already available to us, will be requested at the time your pet is checked in for boarding. Proof of these vaccines are a requirement for boarding and if your pet is not current they will need these procedures performed at the time of drop off.

For boarding, please fill out:
Boarding Form

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